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Insulation FAQ

Commonly Asked Insulating Questions and Answers

Q: Does R-value refer to inches?

A: No. R-value refers to insulation’s resistance to heat flow, not its thickness. Tiny air pockets trapped in the insulating material resist the passage of heat. The higher the insulation R-value, the greater it’s insulating power. R-value is usually determined by the thickness and the density of the insulation.
Q: What is a vapor barrier?

A: Vapor retarders help control the amount of moisture passing through insulation and collecting inside exterior walls, ceilings and the floors. There are three types of vapor retarders: Kraft faced (Kraft paper attached to insulation with a thin coat of asphalt); Foil faced (Foil-backed paper attached with a thin coat of asphalt); and Polyethylene (A separate 4-6 ml polyethylene film applied over installed insulation.)
Q: Does the vapor retarder on insulation affect the R-value?

A: No. There is virtually no thermal performance difference between unfaced FIBERGLAS insulation and Kraft-faced or foil-faced FIBERGLAS insulation when properly installed. Faced insulation contains a built-in retarder.

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